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Thread: Like an Episode of "Survivor"

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    Default Like an Episode of "Survivor"

    Trying to figure out who’s going where at the end of this season is kind of like trying to figure out who’s voting against who in an episode of Survivor. Do LeBron and CB4 have an alliance to hook up at the end of this year? How does Dwayne Wade fit in to what’s going to happen? What about Carmelo Anthony, Joe Johnson, and Amar’e Stoudemire to name just a few more? Is New York the hot-spot destination for the big boys who are in play? We won’t know until after the votes are count ... I mean, until this season is done ... and all the secrets, no matter how badly some of them may be currently ‘hidden’ (like ‘who’s holding the hidden Immunity Idol?’) - *ahem-LeBron/NY* - are out in the open.

    Besides all that, sometimes ... it feels like this season is waiting to be over so that we can just get on with seeing how the power is really going to be distributed over the next several years in the NBA. The way this season is unravelling for the Raptors ... there’s little else I’m looking forward to seeing.

    To go further on that - and really, I wasn’t going to at all but some of the still-angst-filled comments on the regular board sort of compel me ... at a certain point, acceptance is kind of necessary to keep a semblance of balanced mental health. I’m not even kidding.

    I am not one - at all - to throw negative comments around about the Toronto Raptors ... almost ever. Up until a couple weeks ago, one would be hard pressed to find me slagging the team - individual performances and coaching on occasion, yes, but rarely the team and its overall outlook - but (and it’s a big ‘but’) ... this is a whole different kettle of fish. I had my say (“it’s over”) and trust me, it wasn’t without pain for me to come to the realization that I did (and even at that, it came in stages) and then posted on the main board, on RR.

    I, like (apparently) so many Raptors fans, get an inordinate amount of pleasure from watching and reading about the Raptors (funny, I can’t even call them “the Raps” anymore) ... and while I did watch enough last night to see what I knew I’d see against the Jazz ... the anxiety level that I’d normally wrestle with just wasn’t there. I flicked channels, watching stretches of other things (ya, Survivor ... an old habit I might take up again) and came back now and then - just as I knew I’d be doing since after last Friday’s game - and at the end, laughingly said “well, they didn’t do too bad tonight, they only got beat by twenty-six” (no more ‘we’ for this year. Not for me. I did my part more than they did.). So ... I’ll continue to ‘check out’ the games (and read RR and occasionally post) - as opposed to ‘watch’ - and I’ll watch (and suffer a tiny little bit, I imagine) the now hard-to-miss playoffs ... but expectations have completely changed. And I think I feel a whole lot better for it. (That ... and I just got through to the other side of a quick but nasty goddam flu I didn’t realize I had until this Sunday past.)

    Another truth that I’ve seen too clearly is that we, the fans, actually care more than they do. So ... that part of you that still clings to hope-of-a-sort? Do yourself a favour and for what’s left of this year, let it go. It hurts to do so - it’s a bitch, really - but it passes.

    And if this post got you a bit steamed? Well ... you just might be still hanging on a little too tight. Cheers, Raptors fans. Like it or not, we’re going back to the drawing board. And it’ll very likely take a while for the upside to show.

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    Love the insight ws511 and I feel the exact same way. I just found myself flicking back and forth between the game and "Ice Road Truckers" instead. Those dudes are freakin' nuts.

    Fan support will always be there. We're a rabid group of supporters that are obviously gluttons for punishment. If we aren't, then we're cheering for the wrong franchise.

    This has been a reoccuring theme of this franchise for far too long now. If we're going to rebuild, we need to commit to it. Building mediocre teams in Toronto has to stop at some point. Even if that means parting ways with Bosh in a sign-and-trade this summer is the first step in building a better product on the court 5 years from now, sobeit. Losing the way we have during the second half of this season just sucks in general. It's hard being a fan right now.

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    I fell asleep midway through the 3rd... I never recovered. I am thoroughly happy with my choice.

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