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Thread: Eastern/Western Conference Win/Loss Predictions

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    Quote Reyaz123 wrote: View Post
    Eastern Conference:
    1.Bulls (For once they are healthy, and can be a dangerous team)
    2.Cavs (If Love comes to Cavs, switch this spot with the bulls)
    3.Raptors (Addition of players may bring them to seed 2 but it is seed 3 in my mind)
    4.Wizards (Chemistry will get better)
    5.Heat (Aging players like Wade,Bosh)
    6.Hornets (The sleeper team this year)
    7.Indiana (No Lance, not as much wins)
    8.Hawks (Won't really get further than they did last year)
    9.Nets (Age isn't doing them any favours)
    10.Knicks (Might make the playoffs this year, but I don't think so)
    11.Detroit (Could creep into playoffs, don't see it happening though)
    12.Celtics (Tanking teams all below.)

    Western Conference:
    1.Spurs (I don't doubt this team at all, they also retained their key players)
    2.Clippers (If Spurs didn't win it all last year, Clippers would be at the top)
    3.Thunder (They remain only slightly better with Anthony Morrow)
    4.Blazers (Look for this team to make a serious push this year)
    5.Rockets (Losing Chandler Parsons was a major low-blow)
    6.Warriors (Didn't get much better)
    7.Phoenix (Dark Horse team this year; make it, or break it)
    8.Dallas (Losing Calderon hurt them a bit)
    9.Memphis (I don't see them making the playoffs again Z-Bo is older)
    10.Sacramento (Getting better each year, watchout)
    11.Denver (will be better, with Gallinari coming back)
    12.New Orleans (Not much better)
    13.Minnesota (assuming Love is gone)
    14.Lakers (Tank nation stand up for Kobe)
    15.Utah (Let's get the worse record in the league! at least get noticed)
    Remember these picks?

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    those crazy pacman hawks

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    Quote psrs1 wrote: View Post

    1. Chicago
    3. Toronto
    4. Washington
    5. Indiana
    6. Miami
    7. Atlanta
    8. Charlotte
    9. NY Knicks
    10. Detroit
    11. Brooklyn
    12. Milwaukee
    13. Boston
    14. Orlando
    15. Philadelphia


    1. San Antonio
    2. LA Clippers
    3. OKC
    4. Golden State
    5. Dallas
    6. Portland
    7. Memphis
    8. Phoenix
    9. Houston
    10. New Orleans.
    11. Utah
    12. Denver
    13. LA Lakers
    14 Sacramento
    15. Minnesota.

    I am factoring in that Love will go to Cavs which it looks like Le bron wants.
    I wasn't much better having Hawks at 7th and Golden State 4th.

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    Quote Other Scott wrote: View Post
    Doesn't the title say win/loss predictions?

    1. Cleveland 55-27 (I have no idea who's going to win the East so I just threw up my hands and said LeBron)
    2. Washington 53-29 (I think there's a lot of potential for improvement with this team.)
    3. Toronto 52-30
    4. Chicago 49-33 (I don't believe in Derrick Rose so much right now, and if he's not there, this is what this team is)
    5. Miami 48-34 (Bosh, 50 games of DWade and Deng should be enough to win in the high 40s)
    6. Atlanta 48-34 (Horford back is going to mean improvement)
    7. Indiana 45-37 (No indication yet that the second half of last year was a fluke)
    8. New York 43-39 (This team has good players, I think regression to mean will spell improvement)
    9. Brooklyn 41-41 (Older, missing key pieces)
    10. Charlotte 41-41 (My big disappointment. Last year they got in based on Al Jefferson having a career year, I don't think that will happen again, plus he's an injury risk. If so, they rely almost entirely on Stevenson for offense, which could be disasterous)
    11. Detroit 37-45 (This team simply doesn't have the right mix of players)
    12. Milwaukee 35-47 (Can't see things going as horribly wrong as last year)
    13. Orlando 35-47 (Improvement has to happen at some point, right?)
    14. Boston 34-48 (Bad.)
    15. Philly 25-57 (Real bad.)

    West -Doing records here means I have to balance wins and losses. I don't want to do that.
    1. San Antonio (Keep it clicking)
    2. LA Clippers (This team is just going to keep getting better, I think)
    3. Memphis (1st half of last year was fluky bad. This is closer to the team that only lost to OKC because of HC advantage and a missing ZBo in Game 7)
    4. Oklahoma City (Should be better)
    5. Houston (Their offseason wasn't great, but it wasn't fall out of the playoffs bad)
    6. New Orleans (Need a surprise team somewhere)
    7. Minnesota (I don't believe Love is getting traded, and this team was a lot better than its record)
    8. Golden State (I just don't believe much in this team)
    9. Portland (I'm not exactly sure why I have them missing the playoffs. Just trying to uphold some good turnover. The West playoff teams won't be exactly the same as last year, or last year plus Phoenix or something like that.)
    10. Phoenix (Need them to show me last year wasn't a fluke)
    11. Dallas (The West is murderous, plus they lost a couple of players and Nowitzki's another year older)
    12. Denver
    13. Sacremento
    14. Utah
    15. L.A. Lakers (Haha)
    New York 43-39---yikes!

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