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Thread: Give and Go, Which team had the most underrated offseason?

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    I am looking forward to see Chris Bosh be the man with the Heat and play to that contract.

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    Quote white men can't jump wrote: View Post
    I think the Chicago love has mostly to do with the state of the conference. The Central division looks like it is most likely to produce the top seed, and of those teams, there are catches for all of them.

    Cleveland....lacks experience and continuity, and arguably depth as well. They have the best player on the planet though. Even if this team can grow, for this year, it's probably all on LeBron again.
    Indiana....has decent experience and continuity, but the latter took a blow with Lance gone. Depth is not good. Seem to have taken a step back.
    Chicago....has experience, continuity (I'd argue that Gasol will do just fine stepping in for Boozer and be an upgrade despite not being with teh team before), slightly improved depth, and the big "if" is Rose's health.

    If Rose can stay healthy, even if it takes him 3-4 months to get back up to speed, they have a good mix of the things needed to be successful.
    For sure. My earlier response probably sounded like I was down a lot more on the Bulls than I actually am. I think they'll be one of the better teams in the Conference, and probably somewhere between 50-55 wins. I just think the hype is getting a little out of control and that people are taking a big time leap of faith in assuming that they'll get a rejuvenated Rose for a full season.

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    Quote KeonClark wrote: View Post
    Its not as simple as adding and subtracting "win shares". Players are humans not plug and play simulations
    And I think imanshumpert nicely qualified what he was trying to do: "Gonna try to do this mostly using WS. This is probably not going to be done that well, but whatever I'll give it a shot."

    I am pretty sure that iman and the rest of us realize that "Players are humans not plug and play simulations."

    I guess someon has to state the obvious periodically. I THOUGHT that was my job, but if you want to help, go for it.

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