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Thread: Your prediction for the Big Men

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    Quote JawsGT wrote: View Post
    I think JV is going to have his "breakout" season. Nothing spectacular (I'm not talking 20ppg) but I expect him to improve overall and everyone league wide will recognize Jonas as a threat and a key player for this team. Amir will be a beast this season. He is playing for a contract and the right to be recognized as a starting caliber 4. He will start as long as he is healthy.

    Both of those things will depend heavily on the guards willingness to get the ball inside and deliver it to the roller on the PnR.
    Cannot wait for JV to break out so we can hear all the ridiculous Charles Barkelyness

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    Terrific read :

    There are methods beyond shooting to create enough space for a flowing offense. If a team can pair two non-shooting bigs with just enough of those skills, they might be able to forge powerful defense and rebounding combinations on the cheap, without sacrificing too much offense.

    Johnson has long been a plus/minus darling and defensive whiz, but he has also gotten good enough at tricky little things on offense to function well alongside another non-shooting big. Johnson developed a nice high-low chemistry with Ed Davis before the Raps dealt Davis in the Rudy Gay trade, he’s a key dribble handoff cog in set plays for DeMar DeRozan, and he can both pass and shoot after catching the ball in the paint on the pick-and-roll:

    I recommend reading the whole post
    Myself (March 2014):
    The raptors are a tremendous young team and will win a championship in the following five years.

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