have you been asking yourself these same questions about bosh since allstar break?

“where has the passion in his game gone?”
“where’s his confidence?”
“why are the notorious “oven mitt” hands back?”
“has he been losing some of that much talked about “strength and size he gained over the summer”?”

I’m sure im not the only one who has recently been expecting Woody Harrelson’s character from the movie zombieland to suddenly jump out of the stands at the ACC and try and knock bosh’s head off with a shovel....or maybe im just sick like that

if you have been paying attention to bosh the last weeks/month you’ve probably noticed he’s a totally different man than he was before allstar break. His mannerisms, his eyes, and his overall game are reflecting something sadly similar to another “great” that faded into the sunset in a raptors jersey. He may not be saying the same things as this other “great” did, but he’s sure acting the part.

i’m convinced something happened at allstar break. i dont know what that “something” is but whatever it is it’s effecting the very core of his existence in a raptor uniform. I speculate guys chirping in his ear about playing with them next year, an off-hand comment from family/friends on how silly it would be to stay in Toronto, or maybe something inside him, consciously or unconsciously, changed a belief about his ability to lead a team by himself. I really dont know and its all speculation and mental masturbation.

what is not speculation is we’ve been dealing with a different bosh ever since. whatever happened that weekend, whether it was an external comment that he took to heart, or whether it was something that came from within, its affecting his play.

Not to go all metaphysical on you but i would even hazard to say that this new heart belief he may have taken on could have played a part in him getting injured. I can hear the jeers now, “blasphemy! shit just happens”. Well, yes and no. I believe that our hearts can also draw us into self destructing things/circumstances. Im, not saying this is the case here, but im not NOT saying that either. All i know is the “spark” is not there and thats evidence enough for me that something deeper is going on just beyond bad play and losses.

Did you see the game last night against Denver? Did you see the passion the raptors were playing with? Even mr. pouty pants himself Jarret Jack was jumping around excited and giving happy headlocks to his teammates. Where was bosh in all this passion and excitement? walking around, not looking teammates in the eyes consistently, stoic, sucking basketballs into his blackhole of an offense (please dont tell me that him holding the ball for half the offense set, waiting for the double team, then either passing out, shooting a jumper, or turning the ball over is a good thing.) Yes, he had a few emphatic dunks but they didnt have the swagger of a guy with belief.

Now for the positive part...

This guy has been great for this franchise. He’s worked hard, had a good attitude, and been a player that any raptor fan can be proud of. IF there is really only 11 games left in his career as a raptor, im going to enjoy it for all the things that he’s done for the team over the years, and not for what I’m experiencing right now. I’m still holding all hope and expectation that something is going to change, and that either the enthusiasm from his teammates will effect him, or he will find it within himself to finish this year as the player we’ve known and grown to love....if he does finish the season that way, i would love more than anything else for him to return to a raptors jersey next year. If not, BC better get smart and think of life after CB4.

So Bosh, if you’re out there and listening, believe in yourself, because we believe in you, and start taking it to the MOTHER F#@!$%$ HOLE ALREADY!!!

My name is Tom and I'm a raptors fan, and i still love Chris Bosh... (toms not my real name)