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Thread: Regardless of Hedo's Status, Triano Not Changing the Starting Five

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    Default Regardless of Hedo's Status, Triano Not Changing the Starting Five

    Whether Turk plays or not ... it SOUNDS like Triano will stick with the same starting 5 he had Friday night (this isn't 100% though)
    Well, considering Hedo's on his death bed (*cough .... pussy .... cough*), Jay's staying put and keeping the same starting five as Friday night.

    Now we just gotta hope that Bosh shows up, because he didn't have his best game against the Nuggets the other night.

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    is there a source for that?

    1) I am interested to see whether the Raps can keep up their defensive effort with their two best perimeter defenders out on the floor.

    2) Jose needs to run the offence like he used to without Turk in the lineup -- stop all this giving Bosh the ball nonesense no matter where he is on the floor. Jose and Bosh used to play a two-man game that threatened to be Stockton and Malone-esque. We need to see more of that. I have no problem dumping the ball into Bosh...but only when he has position.

    3) It was no wonder the offence stagnates, and Bosh has so many turnovers. The play they seem to run for him is to get the ball way far from the net, and have him pretend he can break guys down like a Shooting Guard.

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