Grange discusses Bosh and how horrible he's been since the All-Star break and possibly some of the reasons why.

And Bosh?

He’s been terrible since the All-Star break, and whispers around the team attribute it to everything from his new and New York-based girlfriend having his ear to him going to Dallas for All-Star and coming back having decided to move on and going into “protect my numbers and don’t get hurt mode”. Or maybe he’s preoccupied with getting his tattoo finished.

In any case, for years he was cautious about calling out his teammates and his coaches, preferring to lead by example. Now that the example isn’t so good he’s doing it casually.

Last night, in about 90 seconds, he blamed his teammates for failing to man up and hit shots going down the stretch after he kicked it out and the coaching staff for improperly scheming Wade down the stretch.

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And Hedo:

When pressed, Raptors president Bryan Colangelo said that word of Turkoglu’s night out had reached the team – apparently fans had spotted him and sent e-mails to team officials and some media – and the matter had been dealt with “internally,” the implication being that the Turkish small forward had been fined.

Before last night’s game, Turkoglu denied that he’d been out at all, but added that what he said didn’t matter.

“It’s all good, man,” Turkoglu said. “I’ve been dealing with this [stuff] the whole year. They’ve been on me on this [going out] the whole year long. If I wasn’t out, sick or healthy, they [the fans] would still say something. I don’t say anything. Ten games left of the season, all I try finish strong.”
I guess Hedo isn't looking towards the playoffs but just to finish these last 10 games.

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