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Thread: Hedo Turkoglu has already crapped out in Toronto

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    Default Hedo Turkoglu has already crapped out in Toronto

    Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:26 pm EDT
    Hedo Turkoglu has already crapped out in Toronto

    By Kelly Dwyer

    He was never that great.

    He was good, I guess, but save for one year at age 28 (most players' peak season), he just wasn't too good. Average, sure. Very good on some nights, but average as an average. And nobody bothered to pay attention.

    Well, some did. John Hollinger. Otis Smith. Various bloggers and scribes. But beyond that? Hedo Turkoglu(notes) was on TV a lot, and for some reason this changes things. He was on TV constantly starting from his time as a youngster with the Sacramento Kings (who were put on national TV more than anyone else in the early part of the 21st century), through a spell with the Spurs and then onto Dwight Howard's(notes) Orlando Magic. It made a difference.

    Then he played 24 playoff games for the Magic last season, most of them not on NBA TV, and man? That was all she wrote.
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    Hedo may have crapped out but it was BC who payed for this crap. The Raptors need to fire BC after this season.,230860

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    This isn't to excuse the dropoff in production. Turkoglu has been terrible this season. Absolutely awful on defense, below average offensively (about 12 points, four boards, four assists in 31 minutes), and he's rightfully drawn the ire of Raptors fans less than a full season into his first year with Toronto.
    But he's also not athletic, overrated and quite clearly unmotivated.
    Hedo stealing money in the first year of his contract, blaming fans, playing terribly, and partying the night after calling off sick for work
    Yahoo Sports

    What could be going through Colangelo's head right now? Woopse, duh, I did a no, no.

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    I like how he totally shat all over Hedo and some of it recashed all over Colangelo's face.

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