Would you guys agree with Steve? How do you think we've done 10 games into the season so far?

And the teams the Raptors have defeated were good teams: Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, Chicago, and LA Clippers.

But in the five Raptors losses, the Raptors have scored 109.6 points while their opponents have poured in 120.2. While Raptors scoring in losses might be impressive, no one wins very often when giving up 120 points in this league!

However the Raptors losses were hardly unexpected. Orlando, Dallas, San Antonio, and Phoenix are all very good clubs. Plus the Raptors are 2-6 all-time in Memphis for some inexplicable reason.

In all a 3-1 home record plus 2-4 against western conference teams on the road has to be considered a successful start to the season.
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