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Thread: Raptors missing the point in chase for the playoffs

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    Default Raptors missing the point in chase for the playoffs

    Steve Aschburner wrote this article and it had me wondering...

    Does Bosh need MORE CONSISTENT help? I mean we all know this team can score when they share the ball and knock down open J's, but does he need a more consistent #2 man - besides Bargnani? (who decides to show up on some nights and not on others).

    Maybe that's really the key to the problem here: that everyone on the Raptors decide to show up and play their guts out on some nights, and other nights they coast. The fact is, we simply don't have anyone as consistent (on a night to night basis) as Chris Bosh.

    So before we as fans go out there and point the finger at Bosh for our team's success/failure, how about we look at the potential of each player on the roster and analyze whether or not they truly bring 110% every night. Because if I'm CB4, its truly difficult to be the only person bringing their "A-game" every night.

    Perhaps that psyche (of frustration) is why Bosh has been less motivated/fierce of a player since the All-Star break.... because he realizes - he's been the only one all year who's been TRULY busting his ass off for this team, and this franchise....

    - Bhattmagandhi
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    Bargnani isn't effective enough at creating his own shot (or shots for teammates) to be a legitimate second option offensively.

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