In the beginning of tonight's game, one clipper announcer asked the other "Is Chris Bosh a franchise player?" The other announcer replied "No. He's not, but he will be PAID like one. He's just not in that Tier 1 group like Kobe, LeBron, Wade. He's not far; he's just about three quarters of a step, not a FULL step below them. But with the new rules of the CBA, he will probably get paid like a franchise player."

Fast forward to near the end of the game with the Raptors in total control, and Bosh finishing with 34 points and 11 rebounds, the Clips' announcer elaborates further on Bosh, saying "Well, he's a power forward. I mean really, how many power forwards can you say have been franchise players in the last ten years. There's Karl Malone, and Tim Duncan. Nowitzki qualifies too, but he's not really a power player. Almost all the franchise players are wing players and have the luxury of having the ball in their hands all the time."