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Thread: Let's Go Hunting!?!?!?

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    Default Let's Go Hunting!?!?!?

    Okay team, we are coming off a VERY disappointing loss that has us all worried to some degree about getting gored out of the playoffs by bulls. i'm not sure that facing the magic is any better than facing the cavs (getting knocked out of the playoffs (AGAIN!) by a team w/ VC on it, would quite possibly murder a significant chunk of my b-ball soul, but i digress...), but i thought it might be fun to look at things through raptors shaped glasses and ask...

    Is it just me, or due the raps have a marginal chance to end up ahead of the bobcats?

    Here are their remaining schedules...

    Vs Atlanta
    @ New Orleans (b2b)
    @ New Jersey

    I figure Detroit and New Jeresy are gimmie's Ws, but after that, Atlanta, New Orleans & Houston could easily be L's... If Chicago beats Charlotte in the final game that would leave the Bobcats with a 42-40 record.

    Your Toronto Raptors!!!
    @ Cleveland
    vs Boston (b2b)
    @ Atlanta
    vs Chicago
    @ Detroit
    vs New York

    Detroit and New York are Ws... If Toronto can beat Chicago and steal one of out of the three Cle, Bos, Atl, games then they also end up 42-40 and since they have the tie-break (i think!) End up stealing the 7th seed.

    I'm not saying this is the likely outcome, in fact it is an unlikely outcome, but the raps have been playing better basket-ball the last 6 games or so, how likely is this outcome??? Call me an optimist, but i think Toronto has at least a 25% chance of ending with a winning record; furthermore i raise the contentious statement that ending in 7th is as likely as not making the playoffs altogether. Instead of framing the rest of the season as "fending off the Bulls" maybe we should shift the discussion to "hunting the Bobcats"? Just a thought!

    The raps frustrate me just as much as next guy, but i'm not ready to put down the remote and pick up the knitting needles quite yet.

    Go Raps Go!

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    i don't know anymore, were just going to have to wait it out.

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    There's really no sense in predicting our Ws and Ls for the remainder of the season. Last night was "supposed" to be a W.

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    I agree. Without the burden of winning, losing teams usually lay it out on the line and try to just go out and play, which makes things easier and less complicated. For us, we must win therefore the pressure is more of a burden.

    Ill just believe it when i see the Raps included in the playoff schedule. But dont get me wrong, im still hoping that the Raps make it.

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    No one in the bottom 4 playoff hopefuls, including Milwaukee has anything sewn up.

    But not one of these teams looks like they've got the ability to go 5-1 and just take it.

    Most likely scenario is a bunch of 2-4 and 3-3 records from Bucks, Cats, Raps, & Bulls with each team still in the same spot they were on Monday April 5 with 6 games left.
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    Until Triano grows a pair and starts hedo again and changes the offense to fit his skillset, we have no chance. none, zero. accept it. too bad that people on this team are not willing to change their offense at all.

    at least bosh had 40 points yesterday though! even though we lost and he choked AGAIN on a clutch layup. lol, franchise player. naz kid.

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