Nice ... some good news for us.

Reading the Cavs news page via NBC Sports they mention that LeBron, Mo and AP could sit out some games this week and Jamison because of his shoulder will likely miss games this week too to rest up for the playoffs.

Oh ya, Shaq still isn't expected back till later this week too. *phew*

So, no pressure tonight but if all of those 4 are resting tonight we'd better win.

LeBron James is dealing with a sore left elbow and other minor ailments, and has made it clear that he wants some rest in the next five games.

The Cavaliers have clinched the league's best record (and home court throughout the playoffs), so there is no reason to push any of the starters. Something to keep in mind -- with Shaquille O'Neal potentially returning this week, LBJ and others could rest Tuesday, Thursday or Friday with the intention of all playing when Shaq is healthy.
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