While I can understand the fans frustration with this team, I also think its unnecessary for the booing.

The Raptors were trailing the Celtics by a basket when Calderon shot an airball, hardly a rare occurrence in any NBA game any night, when the boos started tumbling down.

Forget that undermanned Raptors would go on to stretch the Celtics almost to the limit with Chris Bosh in a Cleveland hospital after nose surgery and Hedo Turkoglu at a Toronto hospital getting a CT scan on a nose injury of his own.

That was the moment of the night that hurt Calderon more than anything.

“I feel really hurt today when I was out there and we missed a couple of shots and several fans booed us,” said Calderon. “I took it a little bit personal (because) I give a lot to this team and it was a tough situation.

We’re trying to win, we’re trying to go to the playoffs and it was a tough one for me.

“When we say we have to stay together, we’ve got to stay together for real. Everyone wants to be in those playoffs. If we miss one shot and we don’t have the people with us, it’s tough to play like that. It was a tough one.”

And it’s likely to get tougher.
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