Would you take a chance with Monta or do you think that would stunt DeRozan's growth moving forward? Or, would Ellis not be a good fit for the Raptors period.

Although the dysfunction level of the Golden State Warriors no doubt declined with Monday's trade of disgruntled veteran Stephen Jackson, sources close to the team say it certainly did not disappear.

Leading scorer Monta Ellis now replaces Jackson as the most irritated Warrior, and according to league sources, Ellis' agent, Jeff Fried, will meet with Golden State management Thursday to discuss his future (or lack thereof) with the club.

Fried could not be reached for comment, and it's not clear whether he will ask the Warriors to trade his client. But sources said Ellis has been telling teammates on a regular basis that he wants out of Golden State, and he believes general manager Larry Riley has spoken to several teams about potential trades involving him.
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