Ouch .... that hurts.

C Dwight Howard
F LeBron James
F Kevin Durant
G Kobe Bryant
G Dwyane Wade

C Andrew Bogut
F Amar'e Stoudemire
F Carmelo Anthony
G Deron Williams
G Steve Nash

C Al Horford
F Tim Duncan
F Dirk Nowitzki
G Joe Johnson
G Brandon Roy
His reasoning:

Also missing here is Chris Bosh, who put up sensational numbers. The tiebreaker that works against him is the Raptors' record. He has not been able to have a winning impact, especially during the crucial run after the All-Star break when Toronto went 9-15 (before Bosh's season ended prematurely this week). It's not so much that I'm holding the record of his team against Bosh as I am recognizing those players who have had a positive impact on their teams, including Stoudemire, whose frontcourt scoring has been vital to Phoenix's surprising season.
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