From Holly Mackenzie's blog:

Noah is a player that’s fueled by his energy, similarly to yourself. What’s it like when you’ve got two of those kinds of players facing each other?: “We’re kinda like the same player, it just comes down to who outplays each other. I wanna be that one that outplays him. He’s a good player and he plays hard too, I’ve got respect for him, but Imma play harder.”
So knee, ankle, doesn’t matter that you’re banged up?: “Doesn’t matter, imma play out there harder. Imma be the first one running down the court, first run to the basket, Imma play hard.”
How do you approach the game tomorrow?: “You’ve got to approach it like a playoff game. Both teams are hungry to get into the playoffs, we’ve really got to bring it. I know it’s going to be a fight. We’ve got homecourt so we’ve really got to use that to our advantage.”
Do you feel pressure, though, knowing the team needs everyone stepping up with the injuries?: “It isn’t when you know you’re going to come out and play hard everyday and give it all you’ve got. It’s really no pressure to me. Imma just go out and play hard. I’m happy with whatever comes to me. Whatever comes. Like I said, I’m going to play hard, whatever minutes I get.”

This is why Amir, other than CB has become my fave Raptor. It's gonna be an awesome game! We're pullin out the win!