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Thread: Big Games, Big Moments, Big Collapses.

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    Default Big Games, Big Moments, Big Collapses.

    I'll make this short, 7 minutes left in the 3rd Q Sunday vs. Bulls; the Raptors, as a team, suck this year. Bosh isn't playing, whatever, he had another meaningless, statistically successful year. Every single time they face a big game, big play, big quarter, anything of remote importance, they fail. They don't fail to superior opposition, they fail because of a total lack of substance. Now, in the biggest game they've played in three years, they are down 19 to a very beatable Chicago Bulls team. The ONLY excitement I feel like I have felt this year is when Jack Armstrong or Leo are pondering whether the Raps can finish closing the gap when they 'narrow the lead to 9'.

    If Triano isn't fired in the off-season and something isn't done about defense and competitive fire in the line-up this will be my last season watching this failure of a franchise. It's all you can do as a fan, my only voice is forums and not buying/watching/attending anything Raptors.

    I couldn't make it short I guess, just too frustrated.
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