Maybe someone can clear this up for me. As potent as our offense can be at times, does anyone really have a clue what type of offense we run?

I see alot of 1-3-1 formations, but are we not doing more harm than good when we're taking our rebounders out of position by constantly have them either resting at the top of the key or in Bargnani's case camping out behind the 3 point line. No wonder he only averages 5 boards per game.

We rarely run plays in the post. And if we do, it always seems to be just to Bosh and rarely to Bargnani. Is it Andrea's fault because he'd rather set a high pick/screen and then roll off for the three's or is Triano's intent on offense to run 80% of their plays at either by the foul line or beyond the arc and ignore the post altogether? I'm a confused fan right now.