It’s gonna be a long off-season ... not knowing what’s up with Bosh. Like others, I question whether CB’s worth a MAX contract. I know he’ll get it somewhere. The Raps appear to have the 12th or 13th pick, or possibly higher. The lottery odds for getting in the top 3, is just under 1%. Wonder how that would turn out, if we got so lucky.

Assuming Bosh leaves (the cynic in me says so), I can only hope we parlay a Bosh Sign & Trade into a quality 2 or 3. Maybe move up the draft. I disagree about JUST drafting the best. We have choices at many of the positions, depending on the moves made this summer. Whatever happens, there are endless possibilities that revolve around a few certain facts. Some we like, some we find downright distasteful.

Signed Players (with 2010-2011 salary)

1) Bargnani ($8 million)
Maligned at times, drooled over at others, Andrea will be part of the rebuilding process. Again, that assumes CB moves on. Big men are hard to find, but this guy needs to work on his Post moves, get stronger & be in better shape for next season. Raptors have a talent, that combined with the right #1 guy, not necessarily another Big (the take being, Andrea draws out, and lets the other Big work his magic) – but more someone like a Steve Nash. Which, all dreams aside, he was amazing against Denver. Nash was like a little kid, running around, hair flopping like some cheap 70`s movie. Almost Teen Wolf like – Charlie V excluded for that audition.

For Andrea, he`s needs another summer with a Big coach. A defensive specialist. And God, not `what`s his name` defensive specialist ... Marc IvyIvyOver.
AB also needs to eat a little more pasta – about 6 hours before game time, to be specific.

There is a dreamer in me, who thinks an AB-Amir mix could be not bad. We would need a decent back-up, and of course Turk could provide some emergency substitution if need be. The trade-off - the Bosh back at us players - could be that 2 we need, while Weems and Demar develop. It would strengthen the Bench, having Sonny & Cher go from Starter moments to becoming part of a strong back-up group.

If Bosh does move on, it will be interesting to see how things go. I’d imagine Chris will start off on fire – gotta get fan approval fast. I do wonder if CB benefited from Andrea`s style of play. Or lack thereof, as some people might put it.

2) Jack ($4.86 million)
Great value for next season, but can Jackose work? I have serious doubts – not enough minutes to satisfy both, especially if we hope ’ball-handling’ Turk gets his shit together. I’m tempted to say, use Banks as back-up, and change the scenery for Jose.

3) Calderon ($9 million – yikes)
Always been a loyal Jose fan, but part of me wonders if it’s time to move on for the Spanish fly. Tough contract to move. Hopefully some other GM just thinks we messed with a good thing, and they’re willing to take a chance.

4) Turkoglu ($9.8 million – yikes squared)
Add Jose & Hedo together, and you get 21.6 pts, 6.8 Rebounds, & 10.1 assists. Hey, those aren’t bad numbers. Almost Lebron like. And for cheaper – $19.8 million. Unfortunately, it takes 2 guys to get those numbers. And 57.7 minutes to boot.

5) Belinelli ($2.4 million)
He stays. We can bitch about his salary, but Reggie makes twice that.

6) Banks ($4.7 million next season)
Marcus will be part of an summer to mid-season trade (a good tradable commodity – Cap ballast)

7) Evans ($5.1 million)
Great guy to bang with the toughies, but please ... stop f*@king posting up, Reggie. This is one expensive cheerleader. Like Banks, possibly a summer or mid-season trade commodity.

8) Weems ($0.85 million)
Great shooting skills while moving. Still needs seasoning, but he’s CHEAP. Defense could become a strong suit, with a little extra training ... NOT YOU Ivaronoutis.

9) DeRozan ($2.5 million)
Still very young, but with budding potential. Has to come off the Bench again next year. Make room for a top quality 2, and let Demar develop.

Not Signed (Current salary)

1) Wright ($2.1 million)
50 / 50 on staying. Even though he might be useful for the RIGHT price, I’d rather spend it on a better 2 or 3. Maybe a back-up to Turk, who's positive, enthusiastic, and a Leader for the Bench guys.

2) Johnson ($3.67 million this year. Do I hear RAISE.)
He’s coming back – no way BC lets him get away. Plus he likes it here. Remember, Toronto resurrected his career. That said, I’ll eat my shorts if he doesn’t resign.

3) Dorsey
He made $106 thousand this year, almost as much as a full level teacher. Now normally I would say it’s not okay to make more than your Boss, but with Joey Baby, not doing so doesn’t make for a positive future.

Missing You – Almost – Not
1) Nesterovic
It’s been swell Rasho. Interested in being a part-time coach? On second thought, we have enough (of the new type).

2) O’Bryant
I felt sorry for this guy. Then I realized he made $1.6 million as a cheerleader / practice buddy. I’ll wear a jersey for that much.

As destitute as a Raptor fan can get, with stars leaving ad nauseam, there remains that hope. And no matter what happens to the Raptors, now or during the next few years, I’ll still be there watching. I think there’s quite a few – anger aside – who feel that way as well. When it comes right down to it, I can wait for these young guys to develop. I’m not fussy about Jay, but maybe our woes lie elsewhere. Maybe modifying the defensive approach would be a start.

The reality is, Bosh sees this team as “not in the next 3 years”. By then, he will have 10 years behind him. The body starts to matter. Then anti-matter, so to speak. The Big One calls CB – can’t blame him for wanting that.