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Collison would be interesting but I don't see how he will improve the Raptors defense. Triano has stated he would like the Raptors to get to at least 15th statistically on defense. (I think that is a very good goal) Adding Collison would not help make that happen.
It wouldn't make it happen, not by itself. But it would certainly help, especially if results in another deal in which Toronto trades Jose. Calderon is Toronto's worst defender, Collison is actually a pretty good defender at the PG position. It won't fix everything, but it would be a very good start.

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Exactly HOW would Bargnani be more effective at the 4? He'd be playing against more mobile players that would be more able to guard him on the perimeter. And he'd have more trouble guarding them, as well.
Bargs has been guarded by power forwards all year long. I would say in about 95% of the time when Bargs and Bosh were on the floor together, Bosh was guarded by the opposing teams center, and Bargs was guarded by the opposing teams power forward. So I don't think the move to the PF spot would hurt Bargs on offense. On defense I am not so sure. On one hand Bargs was once thought to have the quickness to guard small forwards, so guarding mobile power forwards shouldn't be to tough. But we haven't been able to see a lot of Bargs guarding power forwards this year, so it is a bit of a question mark. Personally, I feel he could make the adjustment pretty easily.