So basically in order for Bosh to stay, Bryan's going to have to go out and find another all-star that can creat his own shot. That being said, any combo of Hedo, Jose and Andrea could be considered as good as gone this summer if Bosh's demands are met.

Bryan Colangelo said Thursday that if Chris Bosh chooses to stay in Toronto the Raptors’ payroll will rise above the projected tax threshold, and that the team’s ownership is braced to spend the money.

“The question is, to what degree do you become a tax team?” said Colangelo. “But the (MLSE) board of directors has authorized a certain level of spending that is clearly into the (projected) tax.”

“You’re going to have to have somebody else who can really create their own (shot), or ... be an all-star,” Bosh said. “You look at every good team, that’s what they have. And I think if you emulate the teams of the past five years who have won ... I think you can’t go wrong.”
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