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Thread: Hedo's Story From One of His Fans

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    Quote heavyweightt wrote: View Post
    Vellassco , STOP glorifying Hedo ,
    Sorry couldn't... I'm a fan... looking different angle... if its giving you pain to hear something from different tone and if you would like to be in a bipolar environment then all i can say good luck!

    who cares how he played 2,3,5 10 years ago
    Sorry but it was just 2 weeks ago( not even years) before he signed here.

    this past season was terrible for the entire team with some exceptions and Hedo wasnt one of them ( sadly) , such a big hope turn into s..t , this guy was the biggest dissapointment in my opinion
    I'm presuming you were the same guy and saying same things when team was hitting 30 wins (no Calderon dayz) prior All-star game and giving high hopes for future on both side of the floor, right? good

    zero defensive skills , his offence was like lottery you just never knew how many points he is going to score ...5 or 9 or 12 on very good day ,but when he came here hopes where for more like 18-22 PPG
    Well, thats good if your basketball knowledge is limited with per game stats. Basketball is bit more complicated than your imagination, dude.
    Btw sorry but when your franchise player and your "project" player were the focal point of offense and taking total 44 shoots per game there were no space for another 22 PPG player in your coaches plan

    he reminded me of V.C. cry baby this past season. Anyways I do hope that he starts playing BBall with some BALLS next season along with Bargniani and Bosh or he will become like V.C. is to Toronto this days.
    Believe or not but he has no any previous record for being cry baby before he joined Raptors. May be thats may say something to you. May be just Torontos' cold weather huh. Money? nah. He was 7 mil/year guy. 7 million its easy to say, hard to count. Exactly due to "COLD" weather!
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