Anyone else happy to read this in Doug's blog this morning?

I think we’re starting to see the Marco Belinelli that they hoped to see from the very first game of the season.

Three three-pointers in the second quarter, 16 points on 11 shots, a couple of drives, four rebounds, a couple of assists and a couple of steals.

Not bad numbers but, as you know, I never think numbers tell the whole tale so I will say this: Just watching him play with some energy – at both ends – was even more impressive than his shooting, which is going to come and go.

I thought he’d morph into a solid contributor a bit earlier than 10 games into the season (and that’s an issue I’ll get into more in tomorrow’s newspaper) but now he’s giving them what they want.

And what it’s also going to do is allow Jay to abort, for the most part, the Jose-Jarrett backcourt. I can see Jack getting all his minutes, barring foul trouble or injury, as the backup point guard, a role I think he’s best suited for.
Although Jack flip flopped with Ford last season at PG & SG, it likely fit the Pacers offense better than here. Maybe now Jack will be more grounded and be able to play the role he was hired for as back-up PG and not backcourt tweener.

If anything now, Belinelli most certainly deserves the back-up SG role as well the 6th man title. (Not title as in award. Just the first man off the bench barring fouls or injuries)


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