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Thread: Lucas Nogueira

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    Quote S.R. wrote: View Post
    Come on, it was one good game (quarter!) from Poeltl. He has been put out there other times this year and it's about 50/50 whether he does something effective or looks completely lost and blows plays.

    Bebe has limitations but is still the most useful 7 footer after JV. Last night showed what Poeltl can be, it doesn't mean he's there yet. Being able to bring it every night is the #1 thing you have to have to crack the regular rotation, we haven't seen it from Poeltl yet.

    Use Bebe in a trade package this summer and give Poeltl his job next year.

    There should be fewer backup C minutes anyway with Ibaka, which is good, Bebe/Poeltl/Siakam all too underdeveloped to ride them as much as the Raptors have needed to this season.
    I agree that BeBe is still solid. I'd move him in a trade package with Cory/Carroll if I could though, with ideally a cheap, decent depth wing coming back. Clears salary, a couple of gluts, and paves the way for Poeltl and Wright to get the playing time they need to develop.

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    Another problem with Bebe is that he doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes in game. Against the Pelicans a couple of weeks ago he keep having his hands down when Anthony Davis drove on him and kept getting called for fouls, although obviously that's a tough cover. But even last night Kaminsky kept just blowing right on by him, and his habit of jumping at anything slightly resembling a pumpfake is well known.

    But still, he's better than Poetl most nights and so I think he should remain the back up for now. He's a pseudo-rookie as well in terms of playing time. It's a good thing long term that we've got 2 young back up bigs we can play.

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    Quote lewro wrote: View Post
    Yeah but IF Casey does the Wright thing then PNR with yak n delon should help yak. He has a good touch around and the rim and those guys know each other...
    One thing about Yak that has impressed me tremendously is how quickly he goes up. I believe he is the fastest player on the team at going from receiving the ball to throwing it through the hoop.

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    Can we officially change his nickname from "Bebe" to "Moving Screen?"

    Please and thanks.

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