As Simmons reiterates via Bosh, should the MLSE suck it up and just spend instead of worrying about exceeding the cap and into luxury tax? I mean, don't we as the fans deserve it because by all accounts the Raptors have some of the most loyal and supportive fans of any NBA team out there. I think any rebuild at this point will most certainly effect the number of people in the stands. I mean, with the season on the line last week the Raptors still couldn't sell out any of those games.

I'm all for spending. How about the rest of you?

Chris Bosh is right about one thing: Itís time for the Raptors to spend some money, exceed the salary cap and forget about the NBA luxury tax. Raptors fans have been extremely supportive. They deserve far more than what management and ownership has provided in return ... The trouble with all this talk of the Raptors moving Bosh in a sign-and-trade deal is this: Outside of the Knicks, where can the Raptors get any real return for Bosh in a sign-and-trade. You canít get it from Cleveland, Miami, Dallas, or really anybody else in the East.
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