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Thread: Trade Partners Interested in Expiring Contracts

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    Default Trade Partners Interested in Expiring Contracts

    Between Evans, Banks and Belinelli the Raptors have $12.2M in expiring contracts for the 2010/2011 season. With the current poor economy and at least half the league losing money these contracts may be worth more than you think. If Bosh leaves I think these contracts should not be used in any deal around Bosh. They are separate valuable assets and the team that's getting Bosh will probably be paying 60 cents on the dollar anyway... That's enough, isn't it? So, with that said let's look at some potential teams who might really be interested in expiring contracts:

    New Orleans
    Likely player: Emeka Okafor, $52M remaining over 4 years

    Likely player: Gilbert Arenas, $80M remaining over 4 years

    Likely Player: Steve Nash, $22M remaining over 2 years
    Likely Player: Leandro Barbosa, $15M remaining over 2 years

    Likely Player: Andres Nocioni, $14M over 2 years

    Golden State
    Likely Player: Corey Maggette, $31M over 3 years

    Likely Player: Andre Iguodala, $56M over 4 years
    Likely Player: Elton Brand, $51M over 3 years

    Likely Player: Richard Hamilton, $38M over 3 years

    L.A. Clippers
    Likely Player: Baron Davis, $42M over 3 years

    Out of this list the lowest risks would be Nash, Rip, Barbosa, Maggette and Noc. Contracts they should stay away from would include Brand and probably Quick Draw... Even the Mr. Locked N. Loaded may make a big time comeback. Risky contracts that could pay off would include Iggy, Davis and Okafor. Some of these guys would require more than just expiring contracts but that's where the lotto pick would come in handy.
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