104-91 Final. Raps shoot 37%, Jazz at 49%. Raps go 6-25 from three. Miserable night overall for everybody except Bosh and Belinelli. Turk, Johnson need to get some credit too. Here's the box score. Goodnight!

99-84 2:53 4th: This one's over boys and girls. Raps went through a 1-13 stretch when it really counted and that sealed our fate. No idea why Jose and Jack were playing together again, that lineup really killed us offensively. The word fatigue is being thrown around but give Leo Rautins credit, he's not buying it, gotta fight through this. Boozer, the second biggest c**t in the NBA just picked up a technical after jamming an offensive rebound. Bargnani has been spectacularly brutal tonight, I don't think he's driven the ball once all game. Belinelli's been a bright spot with 17 on 7/13.

89-79 5:54 4th: Raptors are 5-23 from three in this game, Jose is 1-7 and Bargnani is 1-5. Bargnani isn't even trying to do anything but launch lazy threes and Jose is just missing clean looks. We're not going to Bosh consistently which I find puzzling beyond belief.

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85-79 Jazz 8:51 4th: Maynor is killing Jack and creating chances. I though Triano should've called a timeout a couple minutes ago to settle this team down after the Jazz had made a mini 5-1 run. Turk is running the offense right now and Jack is proving to be very ineffective on offense. Belinelli missed a pretty clean look for three setup by Hedo. Jazz energy is also picking up and Deron Williams has that look about him.

78-75 Jazz End 3rd: Raps end the quarter on a 9-3 run. Belinelli giving the Raps a spark. A couple scores, a nice pass on the break and then caps it off with a pull-up three at the buzzer. Amir Johnson's energy on the glass is also to be admired, he had a great block that sparked the break which ended in a Bosh dunk.

75-66 2:59 3rd: We missed a lot of chances to cut the lead down to 2 and 3 and now it's back up to 9. Since Bosh and Turk went to the bench (no idea why), the Jazz have made a run. Bargnani clanged a 27ft three, terrible shot and the offense isn't looking so smooth without Bosh in there. Kirilenko's three after a late rotation prompted this timeout which hopefully lets the Raptors catch their breath.

Comment from ESPN Daily Dime:

[Comment From AG: ]
Zarar, I agree that about 75% of the Raps defensive failings come as a result of a lack of intensity and effort, but there are some serious deficiencies in terms of athleticism and lateral/closing out quickness that even the best system can't hide. One guy with those issues, maybe, but not when two of your primary players (Calderon and Turk) have them. DeRozan and Weems help in that department, but they have their own issues to work on...

65-62 Jazz 8:18 3rd: Raps start off where they left off. Raps are 5-8 to start the third with Bosh and Hedo doing the damage. Jazz are 1-5 in the third. Bargnani missed two perimeter jumpers against Fesenko, he's got to take that bloke inside and not let them off the hook.

61-52 Jazz Halftime: Raps end on a 13-4 run in the last three minutes or so. Bosh just took over. He's got 22 on 8-11 shooting and is keeping the Raptors in the game, nobody on the Jazz can guard him and Bosh is being aggressive taking it inside every time. If the Raps could only tighten up their wing defense and sort out the pick' n roll strategy they'd be alright. The lead which was 18 is now 9, the Raptors definitely have the momentum going into halftime. Jazz with 36 PINP which is way too much, almost all a result of dribble penetration by Williams, Brewer, fastbreaks due to turnovers and their PNR.

Jarrett Jack just took the funniest shot in the world. Faked a three, stepped in, jumped, faked a pass, almost made the pass, decided at the last second to throw it up for a shot with one hand. WTF.

48-34 Jazz 5:11 2nd: Trading baskets now which isn't going to cut it. Jazz offense is getting the shots they want and we're still either shooting perimeter jumpers (last couple went in) or going to Bosh. I'd go down to Bosh every time, he's the only thing that's working at a good rate.

40-27 8:37 2nd: Hedo comes off the bench and hits a couple threes. Jack's not been terrible and Belinelli's gunning towards the rim, nice And1. It's the defense that's going to be an issue since Utah's playing 3's and 4's and getting to the paint too easily. We have to defend the wing better and get Bargnani going. He's been very quiet with only 1 FG.

33-17 Jazz End 1st: Don't know what to say, we're shooting 37% and they're shooting 62%. I think that sums it up, our defense has been brutal and since we're missing our jumpers the game is getting out of hand. DeRozan got benched because he was being schooled by Wes Matthews and the only bright spot has been Bosh who got a couple hoops by going strong inside. Let's hope for something good to happen here.

26-11 Jazz 2:32 1st: Hedo's out of the game, he's been the worst Raptor so far, his line sucks but it's his defense on box-outs, switches and his man that has been brutal. Weems checks in for him. Hedo's line:

9 0-3 0-1 0-0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 -15 0

Bosh has launched his three for the game. It missed.

18-6 Jazz, 6:39 1st: Raptors taking jumpers and Jazz running it back in transition. Of the Jazz's 18 points, 16 have been in the paint. The Raptors offering no defensive resistance whatsoever. Jazz up 7-2 on the glass and Utah shooting 70%.

8-0 Jazz, 10:03 1st: Two early Calderon/Bosh turnovers lead to break points and Jazz up early. Rookie Wes Matthews for the Jazz having an impact early - creating and scoring against DeRozan.

Arse with you here...Raps finish off a four game road trip in Utah hoping to go 2-2 on it.

Raps are: Calderon, DeRozan Turk, Bargnani, Bosh (Wright is out)
Jazz are: Williams, Matthews, Brewer, Fesenko, Boozer (Okur is out)