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    Default SNTs With the Knicks

    Are there any trade machines out there that work with sign and trades? This is based off my own calculations:

    To New York: Chris Bosh ($16.83 mil*), Jose Calderon ($9 mil)
    To Toronto: David Lee ($10.7 mil**), Eddy Curry ($11.27 mil), Danilo Gallinari ($3.3 mil), Tony Douglas ($1 mil)

    *Chris Bosh's salary: Assuming the 56.1 million dollar salary cap, the max salary for Bosh that he will most likely receive is 0.30 * 56.1 million = $16.83 million

    **I'd assume Lee wants something in Lamarcus Aldridge territory: $65 mil over 5 years. That'd be more than a 20% raise over his current $7 mil salary, so he'd be BYC... but I don't know how that effects SNT, especially when New York is under the cap. Assuming he does get a contract identical to Aldridge's, his salary for the first year would be $10.7 million.

    So outgoing salary for the Raptors is $25.83 million. Knicks are sending out $26.27. I believe it still gives the Knicks enough salary for another max contract (perhaps JJ or Gay).

    Anyway, Raptors now have:

    PG: Jarret Jack/Tony Douglas/Marcus Banks
    SG: DeMar DeRozan/Sonny Weems**/Marco Belinelli
    SF: Danilo Gallinari/Hedo Turkoglu
    PF: David Lee/Reggie Evans
    C: Andrea Bargnanni/Eddy Curry

    **Assuming team option

    At this point we have the MLE which could be used on Amir Johnson to round out the team. Or someone else.

    Trade benefits: We get two young players in Douglas/Gallinari and we are able to offload Jose's 3 years 30 million for Eddy Curry's expiring contract. This could payoff come next season's trade deadline. Also we replace one All-star with another. Of course, Lee is no Bosh - but it may actually work out better for us with Turkoglu (Lee doesn't need touches like Bosh does). Also there's no slip in rebounding.

    Possible problems:

    - David Lee and Andrea Bargnanni may not be the best of friends (remember the tech Lee got for mocking Bargnanni), but who knows how deep that goes.

    - We took out one European (Jose), but brought in a third italian (Danilo). The possible rift between American-Euro players may increase?

    - David Lee is not a good defender.

    Why do the Knicks make this trade? Well, they get "one of the big three" and still have enough cap space to go after another FA, and this time they have Bosh to lure that other FA to them. They also get a formidable, although expensive, PG that should do well in a D'Antoni system given his ability to shoot the ball.

    PG: Jose Calderon/??
    SG: Bill Walker/??/JR Giddens
    SF: Wilson Chandler/??
    PF: Chris Bosh/??
    C: ??/??

    They could give Sergio Rodriguez a qualifying offer to round out their PG rotation. If my assumptions are correct and they still have room for one more max money FA, they could possibly go after Dwayne Wade and give a defensive-minded centre the minimum (Jermaine O'Neal, Shaq, Big Z?). Or put Bosh at C like Amare in Phoenix and play with a smaller PF.
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