OK, not looking to start another discussion on who will eventually be the next head coach of the Raptors or anything like that, but more about coaching philosophies.

I have always been skeptical of Colangelo's decision in firing Sam and replacing him with his assistant in Triano, but I'm just curious to know what you guys think on how exactly was it going to change the coaching philosophies of this team moving forward.

It appears to be nothing really has changed all that much. We still depend on the three point shot (excluding Bosh this season), we're still horribly porous on defence, we tend to shy away from the physical game and intensity and emotion still continues to lack. Unless you count Jose's waving of this arms to pump up the crowd. There are some other I guess idiosyncrasies if I can call them that, which are very much still instilled with this team too.

At the time do you not think moving forward that the best idea for this organization was to clean house and terminate the entire staff instead of just releasing the leader at the time? Or, do some of you think BC still made the right decision looking back now?