With the rumours that Tony Parker could be on the block, a deal with San Antonio could become:

To San Antonio:

Chris Bosh
Jose Calderon
Reggie Evans OR Marcus Banks

To Toronto:

Tony Parker
Richard Jefferson
DeJuan Blair

If Bosh were to leave Toronto, this would be a hell of a S&T.

The Spurs get the best player, and if the Spurs want to hand the reins to George Hill, Calderon provides a capable backup and backup plan.

Jefferson never fit in with SA and even though he's older and lost some athleticism, he's still an average to above-average defender and rebounder for his position. That, and he has one year left on his contract.

Hopefully Blair comes back in the deal given that a front line of Bosh and Duncan would not leave a lot of minutes for him and Pop gives the kid a break. He could end up being the key to the deal - he's like Reggie Evans with offense and basketball IQ.

Evans (or Marcus Banks) would provide the Spurs with an expiring contract.