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Thread: Christmas Day Game.

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    Quote 3inthekeon wrote: View Post
    I actually listened to that podcast. When Windhorst said he would like to write a movie about the new CBA and Lowe replied with a "who would want to see that?", my 1st thought was "I know someone!".

    Good morning DanH!
    hahaha DanH would be first in line with an Xlarge popcorn
    11/20/16 Lest we forget - The Sacramento Screw Job.
    We will not go quietly in the night. We will rage against the dying light. We will study every buzzer beater with intensified might, because somethin with the NBA doesn't smell right.

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    Here's wishing all Raptors Republic content contributors, forum posters, and yes, the lurkers a happy holiday season. Drive safely, enjoy your time with family (even though some may drive you nuts), and remember, that regardless of what they did, or didn't do, there's really no benefit to being angry at the clueless, @#$#$ idiot - errr, person, in front of you, either on the roads, or in the stores.

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