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Thread: The Most Villainous Returns in the NBA (VC/T-Mac back in Toronto)

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    Default The Most Villainous Returns in the NBA (VC/T-Mac back in Toronto)

    Hi guys,

    With KD returning to OKC in a few weeks, I thought I'd look back at previous returns where the stars came back as the villain. 2 came to my mind right away - T-Mac and Vince.

    I remember I was in the 6th grade when T-Mac came back and I still remember all the signs and hate that went to McGrady that first game back on April Fools. Were any of you guys at that game?

    For Carter's return - oh man, I was there. I had never felt so much hatred towards a single person in my entire life, people wanted his head. Still hurts to this day thinking about that game because the Raps had that in the first half...VC always seemed to kill us whenever he came back.

    Anyways, hope y'all like it!

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    Good read

    Well done man!

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