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    Quote Doc Naismith wrote: View Post
    I was referring to the last time the Leafs won the Stanley Cup. Now, I don't believe Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment has been around since then, (I could be wrong though) but my point being is that as long as the MLSE makes money, who cares if they win anything. They don't seem to care of if they do they certainly haven't shown it. For them, if it ain't broke then don't fix it. Mediocrity sits well with them and for the most part it would appear as though its also rubbing off on its fans where we've accepted and are supporting medicrity with our beloved Raptors.
    I disagree. I think MLSE are interested in winning and are committed to winning. But they are not interested in winning "at any cost". They are as interested and committed to maximizing their revenue as they are winning.

    We can compare the Leafs to the Cubs and Red Sox of MLB. They'll always have the support of their fans regardless of whether they win. And because of that, the Leafs will always be profitable.

    But with the Raptors, they don't have the same uncondintional support of their fan base (regular and corporate), which means that to sustain the profitablity of the team, the team needs to be a winner. Te fact that BC confirmed that MLSE is prepared to spend over the luxury tax beginning next season is good news since there's no way the team can get better on the court and in the standings (and in the financial earning reports) unless the team does spend more money on the improving the team's personel.
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