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I would imagine in that case Chicago would have to essentially cut bait on Zach Lavine, who is due for a new contract next summer too. (and Wade too I guess but meh, I don't think that would be a tough decision). Unless they play him at the 3 where they seem to only have Zipser. But trying to logically guess what Chicago will do is almost impossible. And they haven't resigned Mirotic yet. He could potentially eat up some cap space though by the way it's going it likely won't be for much, or he may not be around for more than next season.

Won't Philly have money too? Doubt they sign Reddick for multiple years after this one. Granted their payroll will be silly in 3 seasons or so.
Philly will have space, but Embiid will probably get a max contract (or close to one).. and that might make them shy to overspend on other guys (although BC is there now so who knows).

Atlanta has Prince which might keep them away from Powell.

Still would prefer to lock up Powell and avoid desperate teams in signing him away.