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Thread: Hollinger: In Toronto, 'D' Stands for Dreadful

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    Default Hollinger: In Toronto, 'D' Stands for Dreadful

    Courtesy of John Hollinger via ESPN Insider.

    In fact, sad-sack help defense seemed to be the overwhelming problem for the Raptors. At different times, both Calderon and Bargnani were caught with their back to the ball while a Jazz player laid it in no more than two feet away.

    And while Calderon was getting torched on the perimeter, Bargnani in particular was awful as the last line of defense. I've said this before, and I'll say it again: Calling him a center is like calling the guy who programs the synthesizers for Depeche Mode a drummer. He might be the worst help defender in basketball.

    On one particularly brutal sequence, Bargnani was the help defender on a pick-and-roll with Williams and Carlos Boozer. His options: (A) show hard, (B) hedge and race back to Boozer or (C) just stay with Boozer. His choice: (D) none of the above. Bargnani watched Williams breeze by, stood in place as Boozer cut to the hoop and watched Boozer lay the ball in off a pass from Williams. He moved perhaps three feet the entire duration of the play.

    On another help situation, Bargnani was actually more or less in the correct position when Utah's Ronnie Brewer drove past his man toward the hoop. Shocked by this state of affairs, Bargnani deftly avoided taking a charge against a man driving right into his midsection, permitting yet another Utah lay-in. Somehow, by the end of this play, Brewer was directly behind Bargnani, who was basically trying to block the shot with the back of his neck.
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    I know it is only 12 games, but I am thinking that unless the offence is really rolling, we can't have Bargnani and Calderon out there together. Unfortunately, until Jack starts playing better, we need to lean on Calderon for heavier minutes.

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    He's right, too, sadly. No amount of arguing about how Hollinger doesn't watch games will make this one go away. I watched this game, and he obviously did too, because the D was pitiful.

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    Raptors D is good 1/2 the games and MIA the other 1/2.

    And its reflected in the record.

    When the Raps win - they give up less than 92 points!
    When they lose - about 125, OMG that's bad!

    But there has been some:

    Evidence of Defense

    If the Raps slide towards the "125" point team, they will look like GSW and be lucky to win 30 games. Triano risks getting fired!

    If the Raps can focus and play like the "92" point team - they'll be more like Phoenix (or better). Triano gets COY.

    Will the "winning" Raptors team please show up and play some "D"
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