Don't know what to really make out of Smith's article this morning "The new Bosh out to change opinions" and whether or not we should be worried.

Maybe its how Doug laid it out in the story or Bosh's quotes, but right now Chris seems to be more worried about his image than his team.

Seems Bosh has an ego after all. And it's driving him.

"Every day I turn on the TV and they're talking about guys, especially my draft class, '03 draft class, and this and that," he said. "They keep bringing up all these and I never hear my name, unless I'm like second honourable mention or something like that. I got tired of that.

"I don't even think people know I've made all-star teams or know what I've done in this league."

This is the new – vastly improved – Bosh talking, a guy with more consistent determination, greater bulk and numbers that place him among the very best in the NBA right now.

He takes the floor Friday night seventh in the NBA in scoring, averaging 26.8 points per game, and with 20 points-plus games in 11 of 12 outings. He's second in the league in rebounding, averaging 12.3 per game, including 4.3 offensive rebounds, and he's shooting 50 per cent from the field.

He is more aggressive with the ball, leading the NBA in free-throw attempts per game at 11.7, which shows a new-found determination to dominate the post rather than hoist 15-foot jumpers.

All because his feelings were hurt in some way.

"It's mentality, mentality," he said when asked where the numbers come from, a mentality buried and finally brought to the fore by being held out of conversations about the game's greats.

"Was it hidden? Yeah, I guess so," he said after Toronto had dropped a 104-91 decision to the Utah Jazz. "I always thought of myself as a good basketball player, but after a while I really wanted to turn the corner. I looked at all the other guys who are considered top guys and I was tired of not having my name mentioned.

"I wanted to do the necessary work to make sure I put myself in a situation to be successful."

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