OK I rarely use this ESPN trade machine but being bored made me check it out and I gotta say I found some really realistic trades that could make this team a lot better.

First one Is Jose and Reggie to Philly for Iguodala. I know Philly might want more but they really need a point guard since miller left and Iggy didn't have a great season last year.

Here it is

OK now the next one I really like. Hedo and Banks for Prince and Maxiell. Crazy? Not so fast, Joe Dumars is in a string of bad moves maybe we can take advantage. Maxiell brings much needed intensity and defense to this team as well.

Here it is


That gives a Starting five of

C Bargnani
PF Bosh?
SF Prince
SG Iguodala
PG Jack

Would this be enough to persuade Bosh? That still leaves a needed backup point guard. Could use the draft pick to get one or a free agent or another trade. What do y'all think? If I take Bosh out this team still doesn't look that bad to me.