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With Raptor's Carrol knee injury recovery saga and OG being a rookie I'd not be surprised that they bring him along real slow. Also its unlikely he'll get much training camp play or maybe even contact drills so learning the Raptors' system will also set him back some more. Realistically he'll likely get a long stint with the 905 and depending how his knee responds and his overall 905 performance, he'll be lucky to see limited minutes until the last quarter of the season. It's not that I'm negative on OG its just that I think the expectations for his general impact this coming season needs to be greatly tempered.
Don't get me wrong. I assume he's going to be limited and will not be a savior or anything of that sort. However he is still the most intriguing new addition to the roster and if (and it's a big if) he ends up anything like MKG then that would be pretty amazing.