OK, seems like every reporter and they're "Chia Pet" are ripping into our defense now a days. And rightfully so, just look at the stats.

But today I read Feschuk's article "Evans could provide answer to Raptors' defensive problems" and while I know rebounding is a huge defensive component, I don't ever recall Reggie being anything more than an average defender. He isn't particularly quick and who knows whenever he does come back, how the foot will hold up. So, seems like to a certain degree there's alot of pressure on Evans to be the so called "answer". (No, I'm not referring to Reggie as Iverson)

Then onto one our current scapegoats Andrea Bargnani. Hollinger said this about Andrea and I quote, "might be the worst help defender in basketball." Ouch, but by all accounts from what we've seen as of late that statement is hard to argue. One-on-one, I'm more than comfortable with Bargnani out there. In fact, I'd say he's one of our best man defenders, but how can someone be so unaware of his surroundings on defense to the point where he can't even lend a hand in the slightest. His court awareness is perfect on offensive end, so he clearly doesn't have tunnel vision, but how can someone be so bad at help defence for so long and not really show any kind of improvement at all in that regard?

Anyhow, what will help this team FINALLY get over the hump when it comes to defence? And I'm not looking for the "trade Jose & Andrea" responses either. Given who we have to work with, how can this team shows signs of improvement defensively?

Any suggestions or solutions anyone feels like sharing?