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Thread: What star will be available this season?

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    Anthony Davis...because he will demand a trade!

    We can dream, right?

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    Quote Scraptor wrote: View Post
    Melo has a no-trade clause, and even if he did agree to come here, it's hard to imagine a worse fit. He's a ball-pounding iso-scorer who takes a lot of mid-range jumpshots... It'd be like pairing DeMar and Rudy all over again.

    And it's doubtful we could get him for JV+filler given that they have Porzingis and Hernangomez.
    Melo is a better version of DeMar in the sense that both players hang their hats on scoring, but Melo has more range, and higher basketball IQ. Demar is younger and hungrier at this point in their respective careers. I'd be fine with one or the other but together seems like a bad fit. I don't think you can maximize both players. If I had to pick one for this season it would be Melo hands down, but DD has youth on his side so is the better choice for the long haul.

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    Quote Chr1s1anL wrote: View Post
    Carmelo>Rudy Gay.

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    No shit. I was referring to the play style. We'd just be taking turns iso-ing all over again.

    Quote Shaolin Fantastic wrote: View Post
    I know he has a no-trade clause. I put a disclaimer of us being 1st in the east at the time (or around there) for a reason. I don't see why he'd turn down the chance to join the East's top team and going on a deep playoff run. Toronto isn't exactly that far from New York either and it's still a major market. Plus he'd likely get a chance to go up against LeBron.

    As for on the court, he's another guy who can create and make shots, and he's a massive upgrade on anyone we have at that 3/4 combo forward position. People always want to go back to Rudy Gay, but the main problem with Rudy Gay wasn't his ability as a player it was how he was marketed and branded, and as a result the attitude he had towards playing. BC brought him in as the star of the team and he took it upon himself to try to will the team to victory every game. When he left and joined Sacramento who already had an established star, he was a much better and more efficient player. And Melo is better than him.

    He'd be very useful to have. Like I already said he gives us a 3rd guy who can create his own shot, and he's someone who does well in pressure situations. Melo is also an excellent spot up player -- 94th percentile last year, scoring 1.23 points per possession in his spot up opportunities (most of which were 3s, you can tell from the 1.5 FGM per game and 4.3 point scored). That's something we could really utilize to help open up the floor, especially in those lineups with Ibaka at the 5. On top of that, though he wasn't very effective at this last year (no good pick and roll partner) I think we could run some sets with him as a pick and pop partner for DeMar or Kyle that'd be very effective. He's also still very effective in clutch situations, and could give us a bigger version of what Paul Pierce did for the Wizards the year they swept us or Brooklyn the year prior.
    Melo was 65th out of 70 small forwards in terms of DRPM last season. He's 33 with knee problems. He's not a great facilitator and the ball sticks with him. If you're getting him for spot up shooting there are cheaper options.

    Having one sketchy defense, long-jumper volume scorer is fine. Having two is asking for trouble.

    But hey if we exhaust all other options and the Knicks magically agree to do the deal for JV when they already have two centers, why the hell not.

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