Chris Sheridan is referring to the Joe Johnson to Atlanta deal.

Jordan (Toronto) - What is the main thing Bryan Colangelo needs to get back in a sign and trade with Bosh? Salary relief, draft picks or young talent? I personally think Utah is the sleeper team, offering up Kirilenko and multiple 1st rounders similar to the Joe Johnson sign and trade Colangelo did in Phoenix. A big reason why is because Colangelo is all about getting the headlines and signing HIS guy, he doesn't wanna inherit someone elses big signing, he wants to be the man.

Chris Sheridan (3:27 PM) - I'm not so sure Utah would do Kirilenko and the Knicks' pick for Bosh, much less multiple picks. I think Colangelo will try to get back the best total overall package, but I don't think anybody will offer him anything like what he got from Atlanta in the Joe Johnson deal.
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