I thought the Spanish title "When does Jose get traded?" might catch a few peoples attention. Did I get it?

Anyhow, so far tonight at various other boards the hot topic seems to be fans wanting Calderon traded. Last year I found it hilarious that the excuse of why he was ineffective especially on defence was, "Oh, its only because his hamstring. Just wait till Jose's 100%". Sooooo, that was last year, what's the excuse now?

Offensively, I'm happy and am expecting the numbers he's gotten, but night's like tonight should never happen defensively. Now I missed the game, so please don't hesitate to tell me if you think I'm totally out of line, but how do you give up 30 points to someone like Chalmers, albeit he likely wasn't guarding him all night, but still.

So, how feasible do you sincerely think it is to even trade Jose now? Is a 3 year, $27 million dollar contract attractive to other NBA teams? Perhaps other teams who have a better supporting defensive core to bail him out so his shortcomings aren't as noticable? Or are we writing him too quickly and over the next while with hopefully a stronger emphasis on defence he can improve along with his teammates.