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Thread: Sorry If This Is A Repost About Bosh

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    Default Sorry If This Is A Repost About Bosh

    October 14, 2009
    Winston & Strawn Secures Award of Professional Athlete and Celebrity Domain Names for NBA's Chris Bosh in Cyber-squatting Case

    View the List of Domain Names Awarded to Chris Bosh in Cybersquatting Case

    The list of domain names awarded to Chris Bosh is based upon holdings of defendant as stated in complaint dated July 24, 2008 and court order of September 21, 2009.

    Bosh Gets Award of Nearly 800 Domain Names and Offers Their Return for Free to Cybersquatting Victims

    CHICAGO, October 14, 2009 -- In a landmark legal case, Toronto Raptors forward Chris Bosh has won custody of nearly 800 domain names wrongfully appropriated from professional athletes and celebrities. Through his social media firm, Max Deal, Bosh is offering to return the domain names for free to their rightful owners. The offer was announced by Bosh's agent, Henry Thomas, Co-President of Max Deal, Hadi Teherany, and Bosh's law firm, Winston & Strawn LLP, which secured the victory.
    Bosh's law firm, Winston & Strawn, convinced the court to award Bosh each of the nearly 800 domains owned by Zavala and The list contains the names of famous athletes and entertainers, including Olympic gold medalists, the NBA's Deron Williams and Tayshaun Prince, NBA All-Stars Rashard Lewis, Danny Granger and Maurice Williams, the NBA's Charlie Villanueva, Hedo Turkoglu, Andre Iguodala and Andrea Bargnani, as well as the president and general manager and 11 current and former players for Bosh's own team.

    comp article on link
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    "his social media firm, Max Deal,"

    He has a company named "Max Deal?" If anybody thought Bosh values
    winning above getting the most money possible, wouldn't his firm be named something like "Championship Bound?"

    Nothing to read to much in to, no doubt, but caught my eye?

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    Repost yes, but also an awesome story and one worth bringing up once in a while when people start slagging on Bosh's character.

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