I think we all new halfway through the last season that Bosh was not going to re-sign, but still, seeing the signs, its still makes one iffy knowing the best player is leaving town.

BC said he conducted negotiations with CB in January 2010, did he offer him to re-sign for the max contract? coz if he did and Bosh declined, then we shouldve had this discussion back in January.

I think what the Raps need is a Torontonian, or at least a Canadian player who would take it personally if the Raptors are berated in the media or treated as crap for not being an american team. Someone who is homegrown, who would carry the team pride. I think since all of our star players were Americans, they dont have the loyalty towards a Canadian team. If Nash would commit to 2 more years after his contract, then i say we should make a play for him. Get him, Dalembert and Joel Anthony in here and we'd make this thing personal!