I really do hope he works out of us in the long run. Showed glimpses of success last season. Only wish he could do it on a consistent basis.

Raptors guard Marco Belinelli in an interview released at Il Corriere di Bologna, denied he will return to Europe after three seasons in NBA.

Belinelli in the last season with the Canadian franchise has played 66 games averaging 7.1ppg in 17 minutes on the court, less minutes and points respect the previous year with Golden State (8.9ppg in 21 minutes).

"It was a good year for me. Unfortunately we did not reach playoffs which was my aim when I changed team last summer.

I got injured in the crucial part of the season and after All-Star Game coach Triano made different choices which sidelined me but I have been always positive. I have talked with the coach at the end of the season and assured me he will count on me for the next year. I have never thought to return to Europe. I will play in NBA next season, here I am improving year after year. I really don't miss Europe. The level of the game in Italy is worsening every year more and I am still intrigued by NBA" said Belinelli who also talked about his first year in Canada. "I have a good relationship with my teammates especially with Bargnani, Calderon, Nesterovic and Turkoglu who invited me in Turkey to watch FIBA World Championship" added Belinelli who confirmed he will be playing with Italy in the summer.
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