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Thread: Tim Duncan My Keeper?

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    Default Tim Duncan My Keeper?

    Here is my top 5 keeper (not in order btw):
    Russel Westbrook
    Tim Duncan
    Deron Williams
    Andrea Bargnani (yea yea....first option in the raptors)
    Al Horford

    Out of my list who aren't so called "useless" player.....

    Vince carter
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    Carl Landry

    I am thinking... trading Tim Duncan + my 10th pick for 6th and 7th pick and move LaMarcus Aldridge in the top 5 keeper b/c i want my team to be younger.

    Is this trade fair or not? is it a loopside trade for the team i am trading to? If so, what should i do to trade Tim duncan?

    or the other question is.....If i keep Duncan .... what happens to LaMarcus.... he still have value...


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    So if you don't place a keeper tag on Duncan you lose him... I would do the trade if I could move up four spots like you are suggesting. Aldridge may post better fantasy numbers than Duncan this season and then you need to consider long term. Aldridge should be your choice. I think you're absolutely right, do that Duncan trade if you can get it. Another idea would be to try to package both of them and make a move for Pau or Dirk. Both those guys will be top ten performers again this season.

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