Well, at least one person in the media is sticking up for Bosh.

Courtesy of Tim Chisholm:

So yes, Bosh, being the social-media savvy guy that he is (remember those interests that don't always begin and end with sports?), tweets his followers with innocuous questions about what they think his future should look like.

He's never been a free agent before, never known what it is like to play in another NBA city, and he's justifiably curious about what that process may yield. He's even curious to know how people he's never met feel about the subject. He isn't turning his back on Toronto or spitting upon the Raptors, he's simply entering into a whole new life experience and he's curious to explore all that that experience has to offer.

He's not preemptively divorcing Toronto, he's simply asking himself, for the first time that he's been allowed to, what else is out there. Keep in mind that this is a guy that made it a half-season longer than Vince Carter did in Toronto before he got that curiousity itch, and unlike Carter (or Damon Stoudamire before him) he never quit on his team or demanded a trade out of town as a way of bracing himself to scratch that itch.

Bosh has never spoken or acted like he has left Toronto in his rear-view mirror, and in fact he's always gone on the record stating that he loves the city and it would be hard for him to leave if that's the way the chips fall, yet people have begun willfully misinterpreting his curiousity as wanton infidelity. They've begun accusing him of cheating when all he's done is watch another pretty young thing walk by

He innocently indulges his curiousity over Twitter, a venue where people discuss bowel movements and political discourse with the same fervor, and it becomes national news on Canadian sports pages. Seriously?
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