I have no quarrel with the Magic, I think SVG is the best coach in the league if not in NBA history at preparing his team for thier opponent and making sure everyone is on the right page. The guy never lets anyone's head get too big and no one plays out of the system. In game I think he leaves a lot to be desired, but the Magic never sleep on anyone.

As far as their roster goes I don't see how they got better, just different. Wince is a jump shooter at heart if he even has one, Barnes is not an upgrade over Turk although he does give them a lil extra muscle/swagger which they need. Rashard took a bizzaro leap this year and is not playing close to last years level and Dwight remains a liability on offense in the last 5 minutes.

Jameer is the only guy who might be a difference maker and the Cavs clearly struggle against fast, penetrating point guards. I think its going to be a very tough series and hopefully it goes 7, but in the last 5 minutes when the defenses tighten up and points are hard to come by, the Magic have Wince and Jameer and the Cavs have Bron.

Shaq wants Dwight bad, he stole his prized nickname and reputation as the leagues most entertaining big man, throw in Stan "the master of panic" Van Gundy and the possibility of finals grudge match with Kobe and Shaq is emptying the tank in these next few weeks. I think Shaq will play Dwight almost to a draw and Lebron will do the rest.

The addition of AP should not be overlooked as well, the guy is as good an open 3 point shooter as there is in this league and he has Bron's full trust.

The only way Bron loses back to back against the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals is if someone space jams his game.