If there's a will there's a way right?

Q: Doug why is there no talk about the Raps offering a contract to a high profile free agent and then working out a sign and trade with their team. The Raps have expiring contracts of Marcus Banks (5 million), Reggie Evans (5 million) to offer plus another piece of the roster. This should be enough to get another player assuming the player wants to come to Toronto (obviously resigning Bosh would go along with it). I think Colangelo coming out publicly stating that he is looking at a premier free agent might help attract some attention from some players and help in the re-signing Bosh.

Brian M, Barrie

A: I can guarantee you Bryan will try something exactly like you propose. Finding a willing trade partner will be the trick in the whole situation.

And Bryan has said he wants to improve the roster any way he can, which is a pretty big signal to the rest of the league; and a point hes undoubtedly made privately in discussions with other GMs.
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